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7 ways to reduce your AWS costs

Are you spending more than planned on AWS? Or maybe you just want to spend less? What can you do? With the great variety of services and pricing options that AWS offers, you can build unimaginable networks of servers in the cloud, something very difficult and expensive to do with traditional IT infrastructure. But with that power in your hands it is really easy to go far from what you exactly need, ending up with a lot of underused or overused running resources which are difficult to keep track of.   Most AWS users are initially attracted to the service because of its pay-as-you-use pricing model. Like running water or electricity, you only pay for what you. But as your usage increases so does your billing size. On-demand is great so far as your pockets go. But with careful budget planning you can benefit from other models and save a lot of money on the long run. There are several ways to save yourself from paying high bills on AWS. Once you are able to define or re-define your origina…